Frutas y vegetales.

World Food Day calls for healthy and planet-friendly food choices

The international community celebrates World Food Day on 16 October 2021. A key date in the calendar of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and, of course, also for the Naturcharc family.

World Food Day 2021, the second World Food Day to be commemorated after the Covid-19 pandemic, has the slogan “Our actions are our future. Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life”. A set of values and four concepts which are fully shared by Naturcharc.

The international organization calls for responsible food production and consumption. In this sense, the choice of organic fruit and vegetables, such as those produced in Naturcharc’s fields in the province of Almeria, are a great choice to promote a balanced and beneficial diet for the body.

Choosing organic products when filling our shopping basket is a bonus of safety and quality. All organic fruit and vegetables from Naturcharc’s fields are free of chemicals. They are only produced with natural means and guidelines combined with the experience of three generations of farmers.

The Naturcharc family strives every day for sustainable production in their fields. Drip irrigation is one of the examples of responsible water consumption to protect the environment. Furthermore, Naturcharc is self-sufficient in organic compost, which has been produced for the last five years to enrich the soil as a process of circular economy applied to organic farming.

100% of Naturcharc’s farms are fed with the compost generated from all the usable organic matter from their own fields. Everything has a second life: post-harvest plant remains, straw and residual crops, among other elements of natural origin, to produce a high quality compost. Thanks to this compost, Naturcharc gives back to the earth part of what the earth produced in a natural and sustainable cycle. Nature never wastes; neither does Naturcharc.

With this, Naturcharc is committed to a circular economy model applied to sustainable agriculture. The use and reuse of all possible resources allows each harvest to be the basis for the next one. This is in line with the motto of the Naturcharc family: Everything that leaves the earth returns to the earth – A sustainable cycle, in which none of the resources that nature puts within our reach are wasted and which does not damage the ecosystem or the environment.

World Food Day has been celebrated since 1979 by the FAO. The date chosen coincides with the founding day of the FAO in 1945. Each year, World Food Day unites 150 countries in a common cause through governments, businesses, NGOs, media and the general public.

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