World Day of Environmental Education reminds us of the challenges of raising awareness about ecology

Environmental education continues to be a pending challenge in today’s society. Despite how much awareness for caring about the environment has increased, the truth is that there is still much ignorance about how this fundamental element for our life on the planet should be cared for and about our part in this care. For this reason, since 1975 the Environmental Education Day has been celebrated on January 26, a day whose main objective is “to train a world population that is aware and concerned about the environment and associated problems, and that has knowledge, aptitude, attitude, motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively in the search for solutions to problems existing and to prevent new.”

It was included in the Belgrade Charter and despite the 45 years that have passed since then, this need is still as alive today as it was then. At Naturcharc we know that our commitment goes beyond applying the principles of organic farming to our work. It is also about the consumer understanding the difference that a crop has been grown and produced in an ecological way compared to other production methods. The benefits go not only towards the conservation of the environment, but also to the well-being of the population, since organic vegetables better maintain their nutritional properties, in addition to offering a much richer and more intense flavor.

All images in the article were taken before the Coronavirus pandemic

Organic farming and environment

What is organic farming then? In something so simple, but at the same time so revolutionary, like respecting the natural cycle of plants and their needs. When working on our farms, the main objective is to create the ideal conditions for each crop. This ideal applies through all phases of work: From the preparation of the soil using our own organic compost to pest control using the ecosystem’s own natural tools, and the use of 100% natural nutritional products, which provide all the elements that our plants need for their development.

When we choose Naturcharc’s organic fruits and vegetables at the market, we are not only choosing a product of the highest quality, we are also supporting a conscious and continuous effort to produce food with the least possible impact on the environment. This has a positive impact on the whole of society, because we are creating a sustainable environment, which preserves resources for future generations and which makes our environment a cleaner and more livable place.

We are convinced that this commitment to the environment represents the future, but also a promising present. We cannot continue to grow as if our actions had no consequences for the planet, and the alternative to this is already a reality. Our work is also a philosophy of life, a way of facing the challenges of agricultural production without forgetting our origins and without ceasing to look to the future to include all the cultivation techniques that allow us to continue improving. And this will only be possible with the support of a conscientious citizenry that knows how to choose the products that best adapt to this need to care for nature.

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