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World Cancer Day: The importance of a healthy life

With the slogan ‘Together for our future’, this year World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4. This initiative that seeks to raise awareness about all those daily precautions that we can incorporate into our routines as well as the impact they have to avoid one of the most feared diseases. The statistics are terrible and leave no room for doubt: Every year 9.6 million people die in the world from cancer, more than 100,000 in Spain, according to the SEOM, and more than 280,000 new cases are detected. The good news is that it is estimated that one third of the most common cancers can be avoided by following healthy lifestyle habits. These play a fundamental role and that is why at Naturcharc we want to join the fight for awareness by sharing the importance of following these guidelines.

Cancer occurs by altering the normal functioning of cells in the body, which are damaged and begin to reproduce uncontrollably. Although there are many factors that can contribute to its occurrence, it is known that certain behaviors pose an increase in risk. As highlighted by the International Union Against Cancer, which groups 1200 groups from all over the world, one of the factors that contribute to the appearance of cancer is unhealthy eating. In particular, a relationship has been found between diets rich in red meat and with little presence of fruits and vegetables and a higher probability of developing cancer. That is why it is important to include vegetables in your daily diet.

The importance of these foods is proven and is based on the presence of antioxidant substances, which exert a protective effect on cells preventing their deterioration, as explained by the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Many of the vitamins that are present in fruits and vegetables have antioxidants, which makes them essential allies to keep healthy. Other elements present in plants, such as phytochemicals, also exert this protection. A series of substances including beta-carotenes (present in orange fruits) or lycopenes (which provide a red hue), and also flavonoids, which are present to a greater or lesser extent in all vegetables. For this reason, eating fresh food is more effective than taking vitamin supplements.

A global strategy

This healthy diet must be completed with other habits that make up a global behavior That is why Naturcharc we want the population to learn these tips. Among the factors that contribute to the development of tumors are alcohol consumption, being overweight, smoking, or lack of physical activity. On the other hand, regular exercise has a high impact on cancer prevention. Early detection is also important, which is why regular checkups are important, especially after age 50.

In addition, our commitment to organic farming has an impact on health in different aspects. Not only do organic fruits and vegetables better maintain their nutrients and healthy qualities, but also, environmentally friendly production methods used to produce them prevent pollution by eliminating the presence of substances that are harmful to our health. Our catalog is bursting with products to enjoy, cultivated with the best flavor and variety for your meals every day.

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