What vitamins are essential for a healthy immune system

If we talk about nutrients and the immune system, the first option that comes to mind is vitamin C. In popular culture, the relationship between this compound and defenses in good condition has greatly taken root to help overcome infections. But the reality is that it is not the only element in fruits and vegetables that plays an important role in this regard. In these times when concern about the coronavirus outbreak is at its peak, at Naturcharc we want to offer you a review of the other essential vitamins to help defend our body.

Vitamine C

We begin our review with the most popular of all. Vitamin C actually plays many important roles in our body. It contributes, for example, to the good condition of cartilage and joints, to keeping the skin flexible and smooth and to keeping veins and arteries in good condition. Contrary to popular belief, it is not helpful to take more of this nutrient when we are already sick. The effect of its consumption comes in the long term, so we should not neglect the daily ration. Complying with the recommended amounts is really easy, since it is present, to a greater or lesser extent, in all vegetables and fruits but its presence stands out, for example, in organic broccoli and in organic zucchini. Because vitamin C isn’t exclusive to citruses.

Vitamine A

Although we always relate it to the state of the skin and the protection of sight, this vitamin also fulfills other complementary tasks in our body. It has a widely recognized antioxidant function and also plays an important role in the maintenance of defenses. It is found in many fruits and vegetables. One of the most outstanding, although it is not the most well known option in this regard, is the organic sweet potato, a tuber whose consumption is recommended especially for this reason.

Vitamine B6

One of the great unknowns of this group. Although it is mainly found in meats and cereals, many fruits and vegetables can help us complete the recommended servings. In addition to strengthening the immune system, this vitamin also helps in the synthesis of proteins, so it is important to consume it if you do some type of physical activity. It is found in all non-citrus fruits and its presence in vegetables stands out, for example, in organic peppers.

Vitamine E

Another of the great antioxidant vitamins that we must ensure are present in our diets. Although it is very present in vegetable oils, especially in extra virgin olive oil, it is also found in vegetables, more specifically in green leafy ones. Therefore we can find it in broccoli, but also in organic aromatic herbs, that also contribute vitamins.

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