Vegetables, Better Chopped than Blended

Healthy eating is a concept that is gaining more and more followers every day. At Naturcharc we are very proud to contribute to better understanding the benefits and qualities of healthy nutrition, which includes fruits and vegetables. There are benefits to consuming whole or chopped vegetables rather than blended. Of course, this does not mean that we have to abandon purees and creams, but that we must get used to the fact that the main way to consume our daily vegetable rations is freshly.


Vegetables consumed whole provide us with a greater amount of fiber, which can be lost when making the famous green juices or blending them. Although it is not an element that most people pay much attention to in their diet, fiber is essential for the health of the intestinal flora and also contributes to the feeling of satiety. Therefore, they help to better regulate the appetite and prevent bingeing on calories. In addition, along with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are concentrated. This element also helps to slow down the absorption of sugars. When they are consumed together with fiber, their absorption in the intestines is slower, which helps the metabolism to better regulate their presence in the blood. This has a very positive impact on preventing obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Better use of nutrients

It would be easy to think that the more nutrients we take with meals, the better. However, this does not work exactly like that, because our body has a limited capacity to absorb many of them, such as vitamin C. This means that if they enter the body in large amounts at once, a part of them will not be able to harness correctly. That is why green smoothies in most cases are not going to be more beneficial than other options, in which the use will be greater. In any case, this does not mean that it is dangerous to take more vitamins. Most of them accumulate in the body so we can recover the reserves.

Improve dental health

Chewing food also helps maintain the health of our teeth. This is especially true in the case of vegetables and fruits since the fiber helps to wash away the remains of food that may have been in the mouth. It also has the effect of strengthening the muscles of the maxillary area – the area of bones surrounding the sinuses. On the contrary, the glasses of blended vegetables tend to leave more remains between the teeth that over time can also contribute to cavities, so you must take extreme dental hygiene. This is accentuated if we take into account that there is a quantity of vegetables in a shake that would be equivalent to several servings consumed in another way, so the consumption of sugars, even in those varieties with less quantity, can become a problem.

In any case, it is advisable to depend on organic farming products  for our five servings of fruits and vegetables, like those found at Naturcharc. They guarantee great flavor and better qualities in food, whatever way we choose to prepare them.

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