The sustainable philosophy of Naturcharc, small gestures for a big difference

For Naturcharc the philosophy of sustainability is a way of understanding the inner workings of agriculture. It is in our DNA. It is clear from the small details that make it possible to have our production fully committed to the principles of environmental protection, to transcend the methods of organic farming, and to cover all the elements that surround our work.

At Naturcharc we have strongly opted for the use of our own organic compost. This element of our work, in addition to allowing the reuse of agricultural remains and eliminating the generation of waste, also entails other benefits for our soil that improves its composition which in turn helps to reduce water consumption. The compost adds fluffiness to the soil, which retains moisture better and saves up to 12% of water. This is one of Naturcharc’s great commitments, since we are very aware of the problem of water scarcity.

But compost also has another added effect: it provides the soil with greater organic richness and an improved presence of beneficial microorganisms. This makes it possible to have a better plant growth in complete harmony with natural development. That is why we continue researching in order to manufacture the best possible compost for each type of soil, optimizing this mode of production.

Jute Twine

Another small eco-friendly gesture is the use of jute twine on our farms. In addition to being a great alternative to plastic, it has the advantage of being an organic and compostable material. The twine degrades along with other plant debris and allows us to make it part of our compost manufacturing in order to enrich the soil. In our fight to create a circular ecosystem, everything that comes from the earth returns to the earth, with the waste management that we manage internally in the composting cycle that can be repeated year after year.

Bulk packaging

The reduction in the use of plastics and packaging goes further. Most of the production of our fields is sold in bulk, which allows us to reduce even more of the potential waste generated. And those materials that we must use are completely recycled or reused thanks to our agreement with the Albaida recycling plant. Thus, the whole process of our fields is sustainable and ecological, taking care of every step and always willing to continue innovating.

Our production has ecological certifications as prestigious as Ecovalia – Social Plus and GRASP of GLOBALGAP that not only look at agricultural aspects, but also certify the well-being of our workers. Because we know that it is their effort and passion that keeps the day-to-day of our ecological commitment, from beginning to end, possible.

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