The Preservation of Nature, the Star of World Food Day

Food is a very broad concept, covering many fronts and realities. But one of the most important is the one that focuses on food production and the impact that it has on the environment. That is why this year World Food Day, organized by the UN through the Food and Agriculture Organization, has chosen food production as the theme of the celebration, which takes place on October 16. Under the motto “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together” the organization draws attention to the very close and delicate relationship that exists between agriculture and ecology and how we can improve it.

At Naturcharc we join this effort from our specialization in organic agriculture, a path in which we have been continuously working on for years. It allows us to contribute to and create a sustainable environment for future generations. This company philosophy implies not only a greater commitment to caring for nature, but also supporting the production of local products and preserving the diversity of plants.

More than 150 countries will hold events to celebrate. A complete agenda that wants to unite all the actors involved in food production. Key players include governments to companies, and of course not forgetting consumers, one of the links that can make a difference. For this reason, the UN encourages citizens to take different types of actions to make an impact for everyone. The idea is that this year the holiday transcends the official celebrations and reaches all corners of the planet from the hands of passionate and committed people working for a sustainable future.

Small businesses, a guarantee

One of the actions the FAO proposes is supporting small businesses, either by buying their products or by encouraging others to support them. In this way, the international organization emphasizes that we can make “healthy food options more attractive, available and accessible”, an objective that is in everyone’s hands and that is also fundamental for social sustainability. At Naturcharc we work to bring the best food to our customers’ tables, with guaranteed production and quality.

Another aspect that stands out this year is encouraging citizens to diversify their shopping cart to include a greater variety of products. “When we choose to eat diverse foods, we promote the variety of foods produced,” they emphasize from FAO.

At Naturcharc we also contribute to this objective, since we have a large catalog of organic products. We’ve worked with the knowledge of three generations of a farming family to learn to bring variety into our catalog in order to protect our lands and adapt to the climate. This know-how and our daily commitment lead us to high quality and the improvement of our products. We trust in the varieties that our grandparents already knew and that continue to reach the market every day.

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