The Organic Chili Pepper, the Latest Addition to our Catalog

The Organic Chili Pepper is the latest addition to Naturcharc’s organic product catalog, which continues to grow to offer our customers and friends the best selection of organic farming products. We focus on always growing with the best cultivation techniques, respecting the season of each variety to offer the best result. This plant, originating from warm and tropical climates, adapts very well to the growing conditions of our farms and we are very proud of the results we are obtaining, which promise an excellent harvest in the coming months.

The Organic Chili Pepper will start to be harvested this month and its production period will last until next December. The production, in addition to being distributed in the Spanish market, will also reach throughout Europe, where there is a great demand for this product. It’s especially popular in countries such as Denmark, England and Germany, where it can be marketed thanks to our partners. The popularity of this vegetable and its demand have grown exponentially in recent months, making it a star product in the markets.

This vegetable, really a variety of pepper, is highly appreciated for its flavor and properties in the kitchen, which are enhanced by its organic cultivation. Its use in Mexican gastronomy dishes is very popular, where its spicy and intense point serves as a counterpoint to all kinds of flavors and preparations. But in addition to providing color and flavor to the food, it also has a very interesting nutritional composition. Vitamins A and C stand out, as well as many minerals that make it an ingredient to keep in mind.

The spicy, source of health

But also, the Organic Chili stands out for its capsaicin content. This element, in addition to being responsible for its spicy flavor, also has digestive properties since it stimulates the production of gastric juices. Of course, it should be consumed in a moderate way so that its qualities make those of other foods stand out. The organic chilli pepper is also rich in antioxidants.

With this new addition, at Naturcharc we continue our commitment to innovate in our fields. Our team of experts is always attentive to the possibility of incorporating new crops that complete our catalog. When choosing, we always consider the needs of the crop to create the ideal conditions for its development. Being experts in each of our productions leads us to be very rigorous to maintain the quality of our catalog.

We are sure that the chilli pepper will be a star product in catalog of organic fruits and vegetables. The crop yield has been very good. The plants have been adjusted to the conditions of our farms where they have been able to benefit from our advanced techniques, in which the nutrition of the soil with organic compost is one of our best assets to ensure good plant growth, natural and balanced.

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