The Naturcharc organic composting plant celebrates 3 years since its launch

This September, the Almerían organic farming company, Naturcharc, will celebrate the third year since the start-up of its own organic composting plant. A pioneering initiative in Andalusia with which the Giménez family seeks to close the integral cycle of organic production: Return all organic matter that is generated after harvest to the soil.

After three years since its commissioning in September 2016, the Naturcharc organic composting plant is a pioneer in Andalusia. This infrastructure was born after years of research and training done by the technical and production team of Naturcharc.

Fruits and vegetables not suitable for sale, plant remains, and clay, among other organic materials, are the basis of the vegetable compost that Naturcharc has been producing for three years in its own composting plant. “Everything that comes out of the land is returned to the land,” says Manuel Giménez, General Manager of the organic farming company in Níjar, which already has the third generation of the family dedicated to the sector.

Within the production area, next to the Naturcharc farms, more than 20,000 m2 of surface area are dedicated to compost production. It is a unique project in Andalusia that the Giménez family has been developing after receiving training in Switzerland. They quickly became aware of the need to be autonomous in the generation of this resource, with the sole objective of “optimizing soil fertility, and guarantee themselves the use of a 100% ecological organic matter.”


In organic farming, one of the most differentiating elements is the fertility and biological activity of the soil. Through a thorough process, the by-products of the farms arrive at the compost plant. Vegetables and fruits not suitable for sale, green material from the defoliation of the plants, and post-harvest plant remains are then mixed with clay, straw and manure. The quantity used of each element is contributed following exact measures. After regularly being watered and turned, the compost will be ready to reach the farms, after 6 to 8 weeks.

The composting plant, today, nourishes 100% of Naturcharc farms. “We have always pursued coherence in the way we work and understand organic farming. With our composting plant we stop going to a waste plant to get rid of the plant remains, since everything that is generated is reintroduced into the production process”, Manuel Giménez emphasizes.

Naturcharc is an organic agricultural company in Almería, whose production center is based in Campohermoso, Níjar. The Giménez brothers, Manuel, José, and Javier, are the third generation of the agricultural family, which has been a leader in the production of organic vegetables and fruits for more than a decade. At present almost 90% of its harvest is exported to countries of the European Union.

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