The natural air-drying of Naturcharc organic onions, a guarantee of sustainability, quality and health

The history of the onion as a human food has its roots deep in history. Few crops can be said with such certainty to have accompanied mankind since ancient times throughout all cultures. Despite being a humble food in principle, its presence in the kitchen continues to be essential and universal, from traditional stews to the most complex haute cuisine elaborations. Its unmistakable flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to all kinds of dishes, but before reaching our kitchens, onions go through an interesting journey after being cut from its plant, in which drying plays a fundamental role. On our farms this drying takes place in the open air and in this post we explain why.

At Naturcharc this crop has always been one of our flagships. One of those that has been with us since the beginning of our history. That is why we always have a touch of pride and affection when we talk about our organic onion plantations. Despite being a common crop, it is not the easiest to grow. One needs exquisite know-how to obtain the best results. All these years of work have taught us to harvest our onions at the exact point of ripeness. This first step is fundamental in order to achieve a quality product.

Once harvested, the onions must undergo a process that is critical for them to be enjoyed in the kitchen: drying. Freshly harvested onions must spend some time until they are ready to be distributed to your homes. This time is of great importance in order to achieve the top product quality. On our farms, we always follow our principles of organic farming. So we know that natural methods are the best to achieve the desired result. That is why we opt for open air drying, a technique in which the sun and the climate of Almeria can help us out.

The key is temperature and humidity

There are two parameters that are important to get the best results in this natural drying: temperature and humidity. At Naturcharc we are lucky enough to be in an absolutely privileged environment. Being located in Cabo de Gata Natural Park, we enjoy the ideal climate for this process to be carried out effectively. Thus, we place the onions in the open air, but we constantly monitor the process so that it is completed optimally. This is the secret to obtaining a mild and tasty product, with balanced qualities that make it a delicacy. A successful process that we repeat with each new harvest.

For this reason, within our catalogue of organic products, onion is one of the most appreciated. This product stands out in the kitchen not only for its flavour, but also for the phytochemicals it contains, which provide many nutritional qualities that help our health. Our onions are juicy and have a unique flavour that makes them ideal both for eating raw and for adding to our cooked dishes. In one way or another, it is an essential ingredient in any kitchen. We find it especially important in the varied and award-winning Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest on the planet and in which this humble ingredient has always found its place.

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