The heat is coming and with it an essential fruit: organic watermelon

The month of May arrives every year with an unmistakable aroma of summer. The approach of the warm season reminds us that it is the time of year to start enjoying fruits that are characterised by their high water content and refreshing taste. And in this area the watermelon reigns unquestionably. Luckily its harvesting season is just beginning on our farms. At Naturcharc we are ready to start harvesting this delicacy, a popular treat from our catalogue.

It is a star in our organic production. Every year we make this crop more sustainable, ensuring the right amount of water for optimum development. We leave the rest of the work to our unique climate here in Almeria. This special climate makes our homeland the garden market of Spain and Europe. These temperature conditions benefit the development of the plant and the ripening of the fruit. This year promises a harvest of exceptional quality. Don’t miss out on our organic watermelons this summer, they can do you some good!

A ‘refreshment’ full of vitamins

For many, the most requested summer fruit is the watermelon. It is very popular with adults and children alike, as it is a very sweet tasting fruit, despite having very few calories. This makes it an essential part of any diet, combining enjoyment with healthy benefits. Its diuretic character and high water content help not only to combat dehydration, but also to purify the body and renew fluids.

In ancient times it was common for caravans of trade merchants to carry watermelons during their long trips. At the time it was one of the best ways to transport drinking water and to have essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The latter include potassium, a nutrient that must be replenished often when the summer heat arrives, as we use more of it as we perspire. Potassium also plays an important role in muscle recovery. All these properties make watermelon an unmissable snack after exercise in summer. Perhaps for this reason, it is still a regular companion on trips to the beach or to the countryside.

In terms of vitamins, watermelon boasts a high vitamin C content, a nutrient that should not only be related to defences. This vitamin is also involved in the production of collagen, which makes it important both for renewing and caring for the skin and for keeping joint cartilage in good condition. And, as if that were not enough, it also helps to preserve veins and arteries.

Its nutritional qualities do not end there. This fruit is rich in another essential substance to beat the summer heat. The secret of its red colour lies in the presence of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that plays a fundamental role in protecting us from the change in weather and in better resisting the onslaught of the sun’s rays on the skin. Of course, sunbathing should be done in moderation and sunscreen should always be used. But if we add to these measures a good portion of watermelon, even better.

In our catalogue we have two main varieties. The regular watermelon is characterised by its darker rind and the fact that it has no seeds, which makes it easier to eat. We also have a mini variety, ideal for those occasions when there are fewer guests and much easier to transport. One way or another, their flavour and juiciness are their main quality.

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