ebl Naturkost

The German ecological supermarket ebl Naturkost travels to Almeria to see Naturcharc

One of the leading organic German supermarket chains in its area has been interested in Naturcharc´s organic products.  On a visit to the company’s facilities, the purchasing manager of ebl Naturkost, located in the German city of Nuremberg, and a group of its subsidiaries in the southern part of Germany, were impressed by the work being done in our  farms in Almeria.

This visit is part of the latest efforts to publicize the ecological and organic production that we carry out for European markets.  As a liaison to the organic Supermarket, Naturkost Schramm one of the largest organic products firms in Germany and with which Naturcharc maintains a close commercial and friendly relationship.  Visitors were able to enjoy an organic meal in which they checked the high quality of the products that are developed in the fields of Cabo de Gata.

 A work of three generations

This commercial success is based on treating the field with the passion and enthusiasm that only after three generations can be given. We are a family dedicated to the development of an agriculture that respects the product and the environment.

The heart of Naturcharc remains the same farm and the same farmhouse in the town of Campohermoso, Nijar where everything started.  A humble beginning that with determination and commitment has become a great company that today employs 400 families. We depend on tradition and sustainable and innovative production.

One of the pillars of organic farming is organic compost, which has recently been able to cover 100% of production. This compost is carefully prepared by studying the perfect composition to give the best result with a completely natural product.

For the manufacture of compost the vegetable by-products, that are generated on the farms themselves, are used, thus contributing to a circular ecosystem. We reuse the resources to create the basis of a system that can be sustained over time. The treated soils gain strength and this has a positive impact on the plants.

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