Summer time means it’s cucumber season: check out all the benefits of this veggie

Summer is a time to consume fresh and natural products that help the body to better withstand high temperatures. Cucumbers especially stand out for this use. This veggie has a lot to offer for these warm months which makes it a star product of the Naturcharc catalog. Since we have been cultivating it for more than two decades, you can say we are specialists in its cultivation.

In our fields we grow two main varieties, the Noah cucumber and the Dutch cucumber, which is the type that we find most frequently in our land, Almería. What are the differences between the two? Mainly the length. Dutch is generally larger than Noah, and is more elongated in shape. Additionally, it has a milder flavor and is easier to digest. Because of this, the Dutch cucumber is the one that is most frequently used to accompany summer salads.

The Noah cucumber, on the other hand, has a more defined flavor and a darker color. It is highly appreciated for its culinary qualities. Its characteristic flavor makes it an essential ingredient in such popular preparations as gazpacho. In general, it is used in combination with other foods to provide a characteristic touch, which pairs very well with other veggie ingredients.

In addition to these two main types, we cultivate mini cucumber here at Naturcharc. It’s a variety that, as its name indicates, is smaller in size, making it easier to use in different dishes. We suggest using it in salads, since it has a generally mild flavor and is very refreshing!

Detox and digestion

All of these varieties provide many interesting qualities for your health. Cucumbers stand out for their high water content, which makes it a very light and low-calorie food. They fit well in weight loss diets, but also to compensate for the presence of other heavier ingredients. In addition, the high water content makes it very refreshing and helps combat the risk of dehydration.

The minerals it provides, such as potassium, also help to recover wear and tear on the body after physical exertion. And this is also complemented with vitamin C to protect the body against summertime over-snacking. The presence of other antioxidants such as flavonoids and tannins increase this protective effect. It is also rich in mucilage, a compound that helps soften the stomach for heavy digestion.

All these properties make cucumber essential in our offer of fruits and vegetables and explains its great popularity. Not surprisingly, cucumber has been part of our pantries for hundreds of years and surely there will be many more.

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