Summer Fruits are Ready: Organic Watermelons and Melons to Beat the Heat

Temperatures are rising during these first days of May and it makes us start thinking about summer fruits. We’re already in the last stretch of spring, which is when the season of organic watermelons and melons begins. They are two of Naturcharc’s specialties. Our melons are gaining more and more popularity because of their high quality. This season’s prospects are already looking great!

The secret to our production is in the organic farming techniques  coupled with our extensive experience in agriculture. This ensures that the fruits maintain all their flavor and quality and that they reach your table at their optimum ripeness. In our fields we guarantee the development of organic fruits with constant monitoring of the needs of the plant. We make our own organic compost, studying the nutritional requirements of each crop to ensure optimal growth and fruit development in a 100% natural and environmentally friendly way.

Mini Watermelon

These organic watermelons concentrate all the benefits of this fruit in their mini size. Combining its high percentage of water and interesting composition of vitamins and minerals it is a natural ally for rehydrating the body. This type of watermelon allows a better use of the fruit for small families, without losing any of its advantages.

Watermelons are rich in vitamins A and C. The lycopenes that lend it the deep red color act as a powerful antioxidant agent in our body, helping the body to naturally eliminate toxins and better withstand the wear that appears in this time of year. This is an especially important contribution, now that it’s possible to start leaving the house again during quarantine.

Galia Melon

The Galia melon is a variety of melon developed by crossing other varieties of this popular fruit. It differs from other melons in that it is smaller in size, its skin is yellow and rougher than that of other varieties, and has a greenish pulp. It is very juicy and with a very mild sweet flavor, making it a delicacy.

Organic melons, like watermelons, are a diuretic and purifying fruit, thanks to the large amount of water they supply to the body. It also boasts the presence of vitamin C and minerals such as potassium, which are lost in greater quantity through sweat and physical effort, making this food a great ally to recover after sports activities.

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