Reasons why Vegetables are the stars of Christmas Meals

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them comes the time to choose the menu for family meals. Meat, fish and seafood are, traditionally, the main protagonists of these festivities at the table. But at Naturcharc we want to remember the importance of including organic fruits and vegetables in our Christmas and New Year’s menus. They are perfect complements to the main dishes and a good way to ensure a full supply of vitamins and minerals. We tend to neglect healthy food during the holidays, although they are more important than ever.

Organic products like those we offer from our fields, have exceptional quality. The care in its cultivation, and the dedication in selecting the best specimens for sale guarantee a rich and intense flavor and exceptional qualities, which will add very interesting flavors and nuances to our dishes. For this reason, for Christmas the assortment of the garden has nothing to envy of other ingredients and can help us greatly improve the enjoyment of dinner while we maintain our health and well-being.

Vitamin intake

Vegetables provide an interesting variety of micronutrients to our dishes. Vitamins like C, E, or A have antioxidant properties that are especially important in these days of excess. In addition, they allow our body to recover better from the consumption of sweets and high-fat foods that are almost unavoidable during the holidays. Minerals also help the body to function optimally and vegetables are the best way to ensure that we include them in the diet in a balanced and adequate way.

Change of textures and flavors

One of the main qualities of a good garnish has to be to complement and enhance the qualities of the ingredients they accompany. That is why when choosing the vegetables for our garnish it is important to take into account two aspects that will help us to succeed in our Christmas meals, and those are the textures and flavors. On the one hand, a crunchy texture, such as that provided by broccoli or cabbage, can add a very interesting touch to a meat dish that has a more tender texture. Or a juicy vegetable, like tomato or bell peppers, can complement drier ingredients very well. Similarly, vegetables can add sweet, sour, or tangy touches that complement well with the salty touch of a meat or fish main dish.

Appetite control

The custom of including a salad at the beginning of meals has many advantages that we should not neglect in the large family meals during these holidays. These dishes help to open your mouth with a juicy and flavorful snack, but thanks to its fiber content it will also help us to better control our appetite and make digestion easier. We have many different varieties at our fingertips to make a salad that goes beyond the classic lettuce, that combines many different flavors and helps to enhance the other appetizers. Extra virgin olive oil, nuts and goat cheese are good options to accompany this first dish.

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