Naturcharc is the zucchini. We have been growing this product for more than 15 years, which is our main crops, increasing surface area and varieties, thanks to its growing demand.

A zucchini is a plant grown in all warm regions of the World since the beginning of time. There is evidence that this vegetable was already consumed by the Egyptians and, later, by Greeks and Romans. However, it was the Arabs who extended their cultivation through the Mediterranean regions, where it became a food of habitual consumption in the Middle Ages.

The zucchini has a high proportion of water, making it a low-calorie vegetable with a mild digestion. This is also the contribution of mucilages, compounds of this plant that have a protective and softening effect on the
digestive system. As for vitamins, it stands out for its vitamin C content and also has interesting amounts of vitamin A and vitamin B1. It is also a good source of potassium, with a protective effect of the muscles after physical exercise.


From September to June

Round Zucchini

From September to May