What is the best way to cool off in summer? At Naturcharc we have it clear: organic watermelon! It is a product that has been running for several campaigns and that we have advanced every year.

The different varieties of this fruit have the highest water contentcompared to other fruits. It comes from Africa, where it was already cultivated in the Nile Valley in Antiquity, although the introduction to Europe came later.

Watermelons have an intense red color due to the presence of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that
as a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases and helps control blood cholesterol levels. It also has a protective effect against different types of cancer.

In addition to diuretic and purifying effects, watermelon has interesting amounts of vitamins and minerals. Highlights vitamins A and C. In minerals, potassium, an important mineral for sports.

At Naturcharc we sell the Fenway Black Watermelon variety, which has no seeds and mini varieties, with a smaller size.

Mini Watermelon

From May to July


From May to June