Muscat Pumpkin

The muscat pumpkin is a relatively new product for us. After a very successful trial plantation, we have opted to grow in this crop and choose to increase quality and area.

Muscat pumpkin is a plant that has been widely cultivated in Europe since the late Middle Ages, although its use was already known in the Middle East during ancient times. It stands out for its high content of vitamin A. This is thanks to the carotenoids that give it its characteristic orange color. These compounds also act as antioxidants in the body, helping to prevent diseases such as cancer. It is also rich in vitamin C.

Among the amino acids, the presence of cucurbitin that prevents against intestinal parasites stands out. Its fiber content also makes its consumption beneficial for the intestinal flora. In addition the water content has a purifying effect. The Muscat variety of The Provence in France has a rounded shape and a sweet taste.

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