Cucumber is the star product at Naturcharc. We have been producing it for almost 20 years and we like it more every day.

The cucumber fruit is a peponid, which, like the rest of the plant, is rough, although now it depends on the variety.

The pulp has a whitish color, being quite watery, inside are its seeds, distributed throughout the fruit. The skin is quite waxy. The seeds are oval, somewhat crushed and white- ellow. The amount per fruit depends on the varieties. Cucumber is among the low-calorie foods since 100 g of this food contain only 13.28 kcal.

It is also recommended for diabetic people, because it has a low amount of sugars and carbohydrates.

Cucumber is an important source of vitamin C and vitamin K. Its high water content is complemented by the presence of potassium, which has a recovery effect on the muscles after physical exercise. In Naturcharc we sell Noahand Dutch cucumbers, with a softer flavor.

Mini Cucumber

From September to June

Dutch Cucumber

From September to June

Noah Cucumber

From September to June