Broccoli was Naturcharc's first great open air success. After a period of research, it is an essential part of our product assortment since 2014. We continue innovating and betting on CMS-free varieties.

It was widely used as food by the Greeks and Romans. In Europe, it was introduced in the 16th century, through Italy.

It is cultivated for its richness in vitamins, minerals and for its high content in phytochemicals is considered one of the best foods to prevent numerous diseases.

Broccoli is, in fact, one of the vegetables with more nutritional value given its high content of vitamins A and C as well as folic acid. It also stands out in the field of minerals and fiber.

Regular consumption of broccoli has a protective effect against various types of cancer thanks to the high presence of antioxidants. It also contains phytochemicals that stimulate the purifying action of the body against carcinogens. Broccoli also contains anti-inflammatory agents and enhances the functioning of the immune system. It also has a proportion of sulfur, which has antimicrobial effects.


From December to April