Since a small open air plantation to trial production in 2014, we continue to serve the customers old and new the constant demand for this product.
The artichoke is a plant native to Asia Minor, but it has been cultivated in Europe since the Middle Ages. The edible part is an inflorescence of the plant from which the outer leaves and the heart of the artichoke are eaten.

It stands out for its high fiber content, beneficial for intestinal transit and satiating effect, which makes this plant a habit in a slimming diet. It has a moderate vitamin content of A, C and K.

Among the beneficial compounds for health, inulin has a protective effect against degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, as well as against type II diabetes. The veggie promotes intestinal flora and stimulates the immune system.
Other compounds, such as phenolic and chlorogenic acids have a protective effect on liver health and against digestive diseases.

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