Our spring campaign, ready to flood the markets with flavor and health

Each season of the year brings us a new batch of crops. New flavors and new challenges. There are many months of hard work before starting each campaign. At Naturcharc we know that the key to success lies in the passion we put into each new harvest season. It is the confirmation that the hard work of all these months has paid off. This month we are launching the spring campaign and season with all the ingredients to succeed. Our crops are looking spectacular, starting this season off on the right foot. The different farms have progressed very well and we are going to have shipments of high quality products, full of aroma and flavor. They are almost ready to reach the markets and all of our customers and friends throughout Europe, where our vegetables are highly appreciated.

As with the winter campaign, the spring campaign is loaded with products which are classics in our organic farming production such as onions, cucumbers, courgettes and watermelons. In addition to all the crops that we produce year-round, the spring campaign will include a complete range of organic vegetables for all tastes.


The organic onion is one of Naturcharc’s flagships. A crop that we know very well and that has become one of the most successful in our catalog. Our onion has a smooth and balanced flavor and is very juicy. The perfect complement both to use it when cooking and to add it to other preparations. The white babosa variety stands out especially and is highly requested.


We pride ourselves on our organic cucumber so much so that it is the star of our logo. We treasure years of experience with this crop in order to offer a very balanced product full of healthy qualities. We work with both Noah as well as Dutch cucumbers, which offer a milder flavor. Both have a high proportion of water, an interesting supply of vitamins and many minerals that makes cucumbers essential in the kitchen.


Courgettes has been so consistently popular that we have redoubled our commitment to it with more varieties and a larger cultivation area. It is a vegetable with a moderate flavor and stands out for its qualities that promote healthy digestion, making it an excellent option to accompany other dishes. Additionally, its interesting nutritional properties provide the diet with a high content of vitamin C and minerals.


Although it is a fruit that is always associated with summer, the truth is that the organic watermelon begins its season in the month of May. We’ve already prepared everything on our farms for a promising harvest. Eating watermelon is one of the best ways to rehydrate in the hot months thanks to being the fruit with the highest proportion of water. Vitamins and antioxidant substances such as lycopene give this spectacular fruit its red color.

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