Organic cucumber: the healthiest bite in your salads

With the arrival of spring, the time to harvest organic cucumber is approaching, a spectacular product that is a star in our organic vegetable catalog and marked the beginning of our journey. Twenty years in which our passion for this vegetable has only continued to grow season by season. Our passion is rewarded by the popularity and demand for this star product, both in Spain and throughout Europe.

In these last months of winter the plants are in full bloom, creating a dreamy scene on our farms. The moment in which the flowers appear tells us that very soon we can start enjoying this authentic delicacy, a staple in salads, but which has many more uses in traditional cuisine. This year’s harvest promises to be spectacular. You just have to see the growth that the plants have had and the impressive flowers they’ve given us. Plant health is the real reward for all the work our team puts in.

At Naturcharc we are specialists in cucumber cultivation. Over the years we have continued to learn and improve with each new season to obtain better and better harvests. Knowing the plant and its needs as well as we do guarantees a spectacular result of flavor and nuances. The pampering of the entire production process is one of our hallmarks, but especially now, when it comes time to harvest. With very rigorous quality controls and respect for the raw material from start to finish.

Varieties full of flavor

Cucumber is characterized by having a very defined and balanced flavor, most usually added to salads and other dishes to highlight other flavors. But it also has many beneficial health properties. The main one being its diuretic character. Apart from having a high proportion of water, it also has minerals for the proper functioning of the body, such as potassium, essential for muscle recovery. It is also a source of vitamins C and K. The low calorie intake has also made it a regular in weight loss diets, especially now that good weather is approaching.

The main varieties are the Noah cucumber and the Dutch cucumber. The most striking difference between both types lies in its flavor and, therefore, in the culinary use that we can make of it. It is important to choose one variety or another according to the effect we want to achieve in our dishes. In addition, of course, the personal taste of each consumer. The Dutch cucumber has a milder flavor, which makes it more suitable for raw dishes, salads or gazpachos. On the other hand, the Noah cucumber has a more intense and defined taste, which makes it ideal for adding a touch of flavor to many dishes.

Another highlight is the production of mini cucumber. It will be one of the first varieties that we will harvest in the coming days. Their smaller size is not their only special feature, although it is the most obvious and the one that allows us to easily differentiate them on the market. These fruits have a smoother and more balanced flavor, which makes them especially suitable to accompany our salads or even to snack between meals, chopped and dressed.

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