Onions kick off planning for our spring campaign

Spring vegetables are already taking shape on our farms. At Naturcharc we are cautious of the details of each season so that the results are always spectacular. Recently, with the work of the winter campaign still in full swing, the spring crops only need a few weeks of effort and dedication to begin to give us the first joys. The onion plantations, a classic in our catalog, already have an incredible appearance, which is a sure sign of a harvest with great potential.

Within our catalog of organic products, onions are one of the star references, since they are one of the crops that have always been present on our farms. It was already planted by the grandparents of the Giménez brothers and after them their parents. Now it is the third generation that each season renews our passion with this product, combining all the accumulated experience of traditional knowledge with the most modern techniques of organic farming to achieve a harvest that ensures the highest quality.

On our farms we mainly grow the white babosa onion, which is characterized by being juicier and having a milder flavor, with sweet touches that make it a delicious snack both to consume in salads and in cooked dishes.

Healthy properties

Regardless of the variety, onions stand out for their high content of quercetins. This compound is a flavonoid that, incorporated into the diet, plays an important role in protecting the circulatory system, helping to prevent major cardiovascular diseases, as well as to control hypertension and prevent the formation of thrombi. They also have benefits for the respiratory system and very interesting anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic cultivation techniques guarantee that our onions maintain all their qualities and allow us to enjoy a rich and intense flavor. The care of our farms is based on working with great care in each phase of the crop. We select our onion plants to prioritize the best characteristics of each variety. In addition, the use of our organic compost provides our soils with all the nutrients for the development of plants in a 100% natural way. We select and take care of the components that we use in our composting plant to improve our crops every year. The results are visible when we see the crops grow. A healthy and strong plant is the best guarantee for a product of the best quality.

Onions are also one of our main open air crops, a type of farming of which we are very proud as they represent the most natural way of approaching agriculture, enjoying all the benefits that the climate of Almería, and our situation in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, contribute to our crops.

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