Naturcharc’s values: a transversal commitment

Choosing organic farming for our fields is much more than an economic or business decision. It carries with it a philosophy and a work ethic that are fundamental to us and that are specified in one word: commitment. At Naturcharc this commitment is what leads us when making any type of decision. It takes shape at different levels, including our society, our surroundings  and, of course, the environment.

Our commitment to society is reflected in the certifications we’ve earned. They value not only the quality of the work we execute with our crops, but also the protection we provide to our workers. Globalgap’s Ecovalia-Plus Social and GRASP stamps are a guarantee for the health, safety and well-being of our staff.

Social responsibility is essential for our company to move forward. Today it is impossible to consider organic farming without taking good working conditions into account. We value this work ethic that allows us to be at the forefront of a production model focused on guaranteeing well-being. One in which the human factor isn’t separately relegated, but is an integral part of a whole process.

Caring for the environment

At Naturcharc we are also very aware of the impact that human activity can have on the environment and of the need to take care of our surroundings. Therefore, our values ​​also include taking care of natural resources. Everything that comes from the earth returns to the earth, thanks to the work we do every day in our organic composting plant.

In addition to reusing plant remains to nourish our fields, we continue to investigate more effective production models to reduce the need to irrigate and to make the most of everything that nature and the environment offers us. We also recycle all our plastics to avoid the generation of waste.

The environment is our priority

Of course, the most important part of this equation is having respect for the environment, the value from which the commitment to organic farming began. All our crops are 100% respectful with nature, from the very beginning of planting until harvest time. We are continually studying and implementing new methods to maintain sustainable farming. We use auxiliary fauna and natural prevention work to fight pests. And we continue to investigate to be increasingly efficient.

In our production of fruits and vegetables the commitment to natural products prevails, and is nurtured by the know-how of three generations of farmers. We work tediously on our fields, with the confidence in honest and well-done work throughout production.

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