Naturcharc’s sustainable agricultural cycle: a guarantee for organic production

For those of us who dedicate ourselves with passion and commitment to organic farming the concept necessarily takes a very interconnected aspect. In other words, it has to be considered as a complete process, which goes from the very beginning of each cultivation to the consumer’s table. A way of working, which we follow avidly here at Naturcharc Every step we take has to be 100% ecological. That is why the concept of the sustainable agricultural cycle takes on a fundamental importance.

This idea is framed within the premise of the circular economy, a doctrine that is characterized by reusing, as much as possible, all organic by-products and plant scraps that occur naturally in any agricultural holding. In this way the cycle is closed and each harvest allows the next one to begin all while taking advantage of 100% of what the plant produces. Our motto,”Everything that comes from the earth returns to the earth,” becomes reality in a sustainable cycle. None of the resources that nature makes available to us are wasted, nor does the process harm the ecosystem or the environment.

The nutrition of the soils is achieved thanks to the organic by-products and the plant scraps that are obtained in each harvest. This is where our commitment to organic compost comes into play, a flagship of our work that we produce naturally in our own facilities. Incorporating straw and vegetable products helps provide each soil and each farm with all the nutrients it needs to make a new harvest possible. There are few achievements of which we are so proud in our family as having achieved self-sufficiency in all our farms. An objective that we have achieved after years of effort and dedication.

Responsible composting

From the beginning, we have opted for the training of our entire team in compost production. A necessary step to be able to work in this field. We know that making organic compost is an art that must be mastered in order to obtain all the benefits it can bring. That is why we have learned from the best abroad, taken note of the top processes and made the most of the tools that organic farming offers us to make a balanced and effective compost. It exceeds all requirements of quality and respect for the environment.

We know well that this composting plant is much more than a tool. It is the culmination of a work philosophy that differentiates us and makes us a reference of sustainable and ecological production in the province of Almería. It is a way of understanding agriculture that goes beyond the norm, that grasps the global concept of ecology and that implements organic agriculture on every level. That is our commitment to the whole of society.

For this reason, when our clients and friends opt for organic fruits and vegetables from Naturcharc, they are supporting this philosophy of life. They are supporting a sustainable future for our land and for our society. A legacy, which guarantees that we will be able to continue enjoying what the land gives us by returning its richness and diversity to the soil.

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