Naturcharc’s organic compost already feeds the soil of all its farms

In September, the Naturcharc composting plant will be 3 years old since its commissioning. To make it happen, in addition to economic investment, the Naturcharc family decided to invest a period of research and training that continues today.

As a result of this commitment to innovation, and to promote an organic agriculture that is as harmonious as possible with the environment, the ecological composting plant was born. The reality today is that it already supplies 100% of the company’s farms, both greenhouses and open air fields with their own organic compost.

The Naturcharc organic composting plant has allowed us to respond to a historical problem in agriculture, which is the management of plant remains. Thanks to this investment, now all the plant remains and by-products of the company return to the earth after the process they experience in the compost plant.

Saving Water

After almost 3 years since its commissioning, Naturcharc’s technical and production team has carried out a thorough process of analysis and measurement of results. Today, thanks to the effort and work of all, the incorporation of ecological compost to the soil of the farms has resulted in an average saving in water consumption that reaches 10%.

What is a breakthrough to continue working on the optimization of a resource as valuable, and as scarce in our land, as is water. “My brothers and I have always been clear that we had to develop a sustainable agricultural model that is respectful of natural resources,” says Naturcharc’s General Director, Manuel Giménez.

To which he adds that the contribution of compost to the soil of the farms “is giving us very positive results, both in saving natural resources such as water, as well as in the quality and durability of the fruit.”

Naturcharc will continue advancing on the advantages of having its own organic composting plant. If you have been interested in this topic, we encourage you to follow up on everything on our website, as well as on our social media, Facebook, Linkedin e Instagram