Spring onion

Naturcharc’s New Spring Campaign is Here

We are about to kick off the season. Spring is coming and here at Naturcharc everything is ready to start a spring campaign with evidence of a great harvest of exceptional organic fruits and vegetables of the season. The variety of the production of our farms allows us to offer our consumers and clients a wide selection.

In our range of organic vegetables and fruits we now find many products with antioxidant qualities that are very important at this time of year. Respect for the needs of each crop and the use of the most advanced organic farming techniques guarantee the best result for our clients. Check out some of these seasonal products that will soon begin to hit the markets.


The organic onion campaign will start soon. A delicacy that is one of the star products in our catalog with two top players, the red onion and the Babosa white onion. This vegetable also stands out for its antioxidant compounds and for its protective effect on the circulatory and respiratory systems. Whether raw in salads or to accompany other dishes, it is one of the most widely used vegetables in Mediterranean cuisine.


Spring also marks the end of the pepper season especially California varieties. It is a good time to take advantage of those last remittances of the year. Its beta-carotene and vitamin C content make it a vegetable with many positive qualities and can be enjoyed to add a touch of color to salads and dressings in many dishes, especially for stir-fries or to accompany grilled dishes.

Summer Sneak-Peak

Spring marks the start of the season for summer fruits, refreshing and full of vitamins. Very soon we can start enjoying the first watermelons. Two fruits that are a classic in our production and that stand out for their high content of vitamin C, which makes them an ingredient that cannot be missed on the table.

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