Naturcharc’s Composting Plant Celebrates its Fourth Year in Production

In the commitment to organic farming that we carry out at Naturcharc few moments have been as important to us as the start-up of the composting plant. An investment that is now four years old with a very positive outcome. The possibility of making our own organic compost has had two very important effects on our production. On one hand, it allows us to take advantage of everything that our fields provide. All the plant remains that are generated by our crops are processed and returned to nature, making our philosophy possible: Everything that comes from the earth returns to the earth. A perfect example of circular economy and respect for the zero waste philosophy.

But in addition, our own plant allows us to adjust the characteristics of the production and adapt them to the specific needs of each of our soils. We are very proud to have achieved that our installation feeds the soil of 100% of our farms. A dream that makes us self-sufficient and that has given us a better understanding of the benefits of natural nutrition for soils and plants. We’ve invested in years of study and dedication, of analyzing the possibilities and improving our techniques. And the effort has paid off. The training of our technicians we had in Switzerland is now ages ago, from where we brought the techniques and knowledge to take this great step.

It has been a unique, pioneering initiative in Andalusia, which since 2016 has put Naturcharc at the forefront of organic farming in our region. We are the third generation of a family of farmers committed to the development of our land, open to continue learning and improving every year. More than 20,000 square meters of surface dedicated to this production of this plant make our commitment clear.

The process

The organic compost starts from a 100% natural process, in which we mix clay with the vegetable remains and plant remains, the vegetables that are not suitable for consumption. In addition, manure and straw are added to achieve a balanced mixture, which provides the soils with both the nutrients they need and the necessary humidity. Because this is another of the advantages of compost, which helps to fix moisture in the soil and, therefore, to reduce the water needs of our farms.

The proportions of each of these elements correspond to a detailed study to achieve the perfect balance between the qualities that each one of them provides. The production process is long and meticulous, with constant control by our technical team. It takes between six and eight weeks of work to produce each batch of organic compost, which requires a churning and water supply process that gives it its final qualities. We continue to learn with each new supply to make the process even more efficient.

Our commitment to organic farming thus reaches its maximum self-sufficiency. With a work dedicated to the earth, taking advantage of every last element of our fields to produce the best organic fruits and vegetables that have made possible our increasing presence in national and European markets. Our prestige as producers is founded on projects like this one, which show that dedication and commitment to values ​​must be the basis for continuing to evolve and grow.

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