Naturcharc winter vegetables: a wide range of taste and health

The arrival of winter has brought a lot of cold and snow this year, but it has also given us a great harvest of our seasonal organic vegetables. A wide range of products that provide us with many benefits to spend the coldest months of the year are already available in your market. Fruits and vegetables are especially important at this time of year, since the vitamins and antioxidants they contain help us to keep our bodies healthy and to better defend ourselves against infections and environmental aggressions. At Naturcharc we are very satisfied with this year’s harvest, which has reached the best quality levels.


We started our tour highlighting the spectacular picture that our broccoli open air plantation presents. The intense green color of this plant gives our farm a beautiful color this time of year. Organic broccoli is one of the healthiest products that we can incorporate into our diet, since it contains a great contribution of vitamins A, C and B9. In addition, its high fiber content and low calorie content make it a perfect ally for New Year Resolution diets.


The winter tomato is another of the great protagonists of this time. Either prepared in sauces or casseroles or fresh in salads, its a great ingredient due to its high amount of vitamin C. In addition, its organic cultivation preserves all its aroma and flavor, to fully enjoy this staple of our gastronomy. In our catalog we include a wide range of varieties: rebellion tomato, plum tomato or vine tomato, which offer qualities for all tastes and for all culinary uses.


The pepper cannot be missing in our winter gastronomy either. Not surprisingly, it is the vegetable with the highest vitamin C content and its versatility in the kitchen makes it an essential ingredient. In its different colors and varieties, it helps us add variety and flavor to our dishes without adding hardly any calories. Italian and Bell peppers have many antioxidant properties.


Lightweight and with a composition in which water dominates, cucumber is ideal to help purify our body after the excesses of Christmas. In addition, it provides a very interesting amount of potassium, a mineral that is essential to replace if we have encouraged ourselves to exercise. In our catalog we include the Noah varieties, with a more intense flavor, and the Dutch varieties, which are characterized by having a milder flavor, as well as the mini cucumber.


Another classic in our fields is the aubergine, a vegetable that provides a large amount of antioxidants, also responsible for its characteristic purple color. Its low calorie content is coupled with its ability to support better fat metabolism in the body, making it a perfect garnish for our main meals. Additionally its vitamin and mineral content makes it another essential product in our stoves.

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