Naturcharc thanks all workers for their commitment to quarantine

The Naturcharc family wants to make a special thanks to the entire team, warehouse, field and office, for the effort and commitment with which they have been working throughout the quarantine which began in Spain mid-March.

Naturcharc’s General Manager, Manuel Giménez, highlighted that for them it has been “exciting to see how our workers are as committed to our clients as we are and have come to work from the beginning, with all the new adaptations that we all had to make in a situation that we had yet to experience.”

Reduction of the number of people for each line in the warehouse, one person per department in the office, similar measures in the field. Thus up to a host of new protocols that guarantee the safety of all, as well as in the handling of organic crops.

Temperature measurements for all staff, in every shift, working with gloves and mask on a constant basis, are now a regular dynamic in every Naturcharc work area.

In addition to the commitment of all the workers, who “are greatly appreciated by the whole family,” the Naturcharc General Manager underscores the effort that, in addition to their team, their suppliers have also made. This has allowed them to respond to the needs of their customers, with the common objective of guaranteeing the supply of organic fruit and vegetables, in the face of difficult times that households in half of Europe are going through.

On behalf of the entire Naturcharc family, Manuel Giménez wanted to thank the commitment that the clients of this organic farming family have also had, during these uncertain times.

Spring campaign

The quarantined activity continues as usual at Naturcharc, which is already beginning to collect the products of the spring campaign: cucumber, courgette, pointed cabbage, broccoli, kale, plum tomato, onions, Italian red pepper and aubergine.

In the open air, a green blanket covers the soil of our farms, thanks to the good state of the organic fields of pointed cabbage, broccoli, kale, onions and aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and a small sample of coriander.

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