Naturcharc starts the campaign with seasonal organic vegetables in the open air and greenhouses

In the usual style of the Naturcharc family, this campaign we have a wide catalog of references of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. Many of them are grown during the 12 months of the year. However, September is a month of new beginnings, and of welcoming the organic fruits and vegetables that begin this campaign.

  • Long and round zucchini. A vegetable that returns in September. After the months of high temperatures, we restart the harvest of this organic vegetable in two formats, round and long.
  • Dutch, Noah and mini cucumber. This vegetable is part of the more traditional range of the Naturcharc family. This month, these three varieties start their new season.
  • Vine, plumr and round tomatoes. September is the month of tomatoes. One of the most basic vegetables of Mediterranean cuisine arrives in our catalog of organic products.
  • Aubergine. The climate of our land allows us to have organic aubergine production 12 months a year. The versatility of this vegetable, together with its antioxidant properties, make it a classic in autumn cooking.
  • Green, red, yellow Bell peppers and Italian pepper. It is one of the vegetables with the highest concentration of vitamin C. In September we can also enjoy these four organic varieties.


The cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables in Naturcharc is carried out both in protected crops in greenhouses, as well as in the open air. The climatic characteristics of our land allow us to have open-air plantations, giving us exceptional fruits.

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