Naturcharc receives German visitors from Bodan Naturkost

Organic products are highly appreciated by the German consumer. The German market is very aware of the need to choose organic and environmentally friendly products.  Within this strong trend, the Spanish and Almerian organic products stand out. That is why Naturcharc, as one of the leading companies in the sector in Spain, is also one of the main exporters to the German country and maintains strong ties with companies from  area.

Naturcharc hosted the a group from German companies with Bodan Naturkost at the lead.  This distribution company, based in Überlingen (Baden-Württemberg), is one of the main companies in the area in the organic products sector and in turn a partner of Naturkost Schramm, with whom we maintain close ties.  In fact, recently some representatives from Naturcharc visited them at their annual internal fair.

This trip to Naturcharc was made up of a group of representatives from Bodan Naturkost as well as a large representation of its customers. Most of the customers are ecological stores located in the south of Germany. This delegation from the South of Germany was able to visit the facilities and learn first-hand the processes and ways of working that are use in our farms and that have made us a reference of the authentic organic produce.

Transparency and information

The visit is in accordance with the philosophy of total transparency that Naturcharc follows, both for business partners and customers and intermediaries.  In this way, communication is maintained at the center of their work, to generate trust among customers, who can verify how quality standards and organic farming is guaranteed.

Due to the great interest among the German delegation, the tour had to be extended more than initially planned to be able to answer all the questions asked by the visitors, very pleasantly impressed by the work done on the farms.  The visit had to conclude under the light of the flashlights of the mobiles to be able to follow the end of the tour.

As a farewell, the German delegation enjoyed a meal prepared with ecological and organic vegetables that served to close a very positive visit.  At Naturcharc, the commitment to communication and direct dealing with buyers is maintained. The presence in European markets is an important pillar of the company’s work. Naturcharc has managed to gain a place of privilege among international experts thanks to perseverance and rigorous and honest work.

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