Naturcharc Performs COVID-19 Tests on all its Employees for the Start of the Season

The safety of our products and the health of both our employees and our customers has always been something that drives us. But there is no doubt that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of the year, this concern has become even more important, if possible. We know that food companies have an even greater responsibility to prevent this infection.

On one hand, the type of product we distribute is essential for society and therefore must continue to be available in any circumstance. On the other hand, due to the nature of our products, they are very delicate to keep it in optimal consumption conditions. For this reason, at Naturcharc we have performed Covid tests on the entire staff for this start of the campaign.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the behavior of our employees has been exemplary. Even during the quarantine weeks, under very special working conditions, we managed to carry out the work and guarantee the supply of organic fruits and vegetables to the European markets. For this reason, we cannot stop thanking our team for their positive outlooks and know-how.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has evolved and that the current situation is different from the one we experienced in March, the truth is that maintaining the precautionary measures is still just as important as it was then. Our commitment is to guarantee, as best we can, the safety of the entire production chain, from the farms to the packaging process and distribution. That is why we are convinced that the tests carried out were a necessity that joins all the protection measures that are still in place at our facilities.

Stringent protection measures

Precautions include the use of masks, as well as rigorous hand hygiene measures and maintaining social distance within work spaces. But we also know that it is important to maintain this exemplary conduct both inside and outside the company and at all levels where we do our work.

Only in this way can we protect ourselves from infection and offer the safest possible environment for all our staff and clients. We also carry out periodic disinfection of our facilities and have created working “bubble” groups. In this way, each of these groups works in a separate environment, reducing the risk of contagion among the staff. This is in addition to the segregated work shifts created in the past weeks.

We still have a few difficult months. The race for the development of vaccines and new, more effective treatments has come a long way, but it is still a long way from being able to guarantee a relaxation of measures. At Naturcharc we are prepared to move forward regardless of the evolution of the situation, following official recommendations and going even further.

Working in organic farming, makes us very aware of the impact of human activities on the balance of the planet. For this reason, we are more determined than ever to continue working following our philosophy of commitment, both to our workers and to the end consumer, and to achieve a positive impact for the whole of society.

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