Naturcharc maintains prevention measures to face the pandemic

The care of people, prevention and health are very important at Naturcharc. Since the Covid-19 era began, it has forced us all to adopt new measures, and a new way of interacting both in our work environment and in our personal lives.

The pandemic is challenging everyone. At Naturcharc we’ve adopted the necessary preventive measures in our three work areas:

  • Farms, open-air fields and greenhouses
  • Warehouse, where we pack our organic vegetables
  • Offices, our operations center

Along with the establishment of work shifts, taking temperatures, the use of a mask, disinfectant gels … Among countless more measures, the last year and a half has forced us to constantly adopt new work formulas.


In our recently expanded warehouse, we carry out one of the main prevention actions that are still enforced today: Establish separation shields between each workstation in our packaging lines.

In this way we achieve the objective of bringing our organic fruits and vegetables to all European households that demand them from us, since the first day of the pandemic in Spain up until today.

Thanks to the implementation of our prevention and control systems, we have managed to continue working normally, adapting to a totally new and changing reality for everyone.

For the Naturcharc family, the health and well-being of our work team and of the large family that we are, is fundamental. Before, during and after this pandemic.

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