black plum tomato

Naturcharc introduces a new star product in its production: the black plum tomato

Naturcharc customers can enjoy a new variety of vegetables that is incorporated into our company’s ecological and organic products catalog.  This is the black plum tomato, a variety from Eastern Europe that adds to the commitment to innovation and quality that is our reason for being.

This tomato variety, also known as ‘black plum’, is a variety that adapts well to growing in these latitudes.  It receives its name for the peculiar color that it presents, of a tone that goes from red to dark brown with some green tones.  The fruit is smaller than that of the traditional plum tomato.

As for its use, this fruit is ideal for use in salads, but also tastes great in cooked recipes, such as stir-fry and sauces.  It is characterized by a sweet and soft taste that maintains a touch of acidity. It also highlights its firm pulp and with a crispy touch on the outside.  It is a fruit that perfectly complements the tomato family in our catalog.

 Ecological cultivation

In Naturcharc we are committed to incorporating new star products within our organic production always with an eye towards developing crops that fit our production philosophy, based on respect for the environment, with a way of understanding agriculture that always seeks sustainability.

From our philosophy of organic farming one of the pillars is the optimization of water consumption.  Thanks to the special qualities of organic compost and the use of water resources, we have managed to reduce water consumption by up to 20%. The compost also reuses vegetable waste and lends the soil the optimum qualities for cultivation, adapting to different varieties.

All the processes used in the farms are 100% natural. Our production has various organic farming certifications that demonstrate a commitment that is not only directed towards the care of the environment, but also reaches social sustainability.

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