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Naturcharc highlights their commitment to sustainability on World Environment Day

Biodiversity is the star of World Environment Day this year. A day that the United Nations has been promoting for almost 36 years with the aim of raising awareness of the need to care for the planet. The UN focuses on how biodiversity helps to develop healthy and nutritious food throughout the planet. That’s why it is essential that we defend it, especially at Naturcharc,  as part of our commitment to an ecological and sustainable agriculture that respects the environment.

Organic farming cannot be upheld without sustainability. We define this term as a way of working that guarantees the maintenance of the activity over time, and therefore does not only provide for the work itself, but maintains and improves all the conditions that make it possible. It is not just that we can continue cultivating our products, but that we do so in the context of a rich and diverse ecosystem, in which all the pieces fit and are respected.

For this reason, we work with a cyclical model, in which the resources that come out of the earth always return to the earth as best as possible. We use the organic compost that we manufacture in our own plant and give new life to all the plant residuals that are produced during the course of our work. The commitment to organic compost also allows all the elements that enrich our soils to be natural, and therefore respect the fragile balance of the land on which we work.

Recycling and preserving water

Another less known benefit of using this material is in its qualities to retain water, allowing us to reduce the consumption of this precious product throughout all our fields. The reduced use of irrigation water and the implementation of increasingly efficient systems allow us to continue taking care of a scarce and valuable resource, especially in a climate like that of Almería. Authentic sustainability is maintained through crops that are adapted to our climate and to our soils.

Recycling is another process that we are very proud of. Currently 100% of our packaging is sent to recycling plants for processing, contributing to reducing waste and fighting deforestation. Recycling is a necessity in all areas, since it is essential to avoid depleting the planet’s resources.

All these measures are an integral part of organic and ecological agriculture, a philosophy of working in the field that allows us to demonstrate that it is possible to generate profit and employment opportunities without giving up caring for the planet. Our fruits and vegetables enjoy in this way a higher quality and freshness, and an intense and authentic flavor, the award for taking care of the planet with every step. At Naturcharc, we will continue to work in harmony with nature to bring the best of the countryside to our client’s tables.

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