Naturcharc opens new facilities: It triples its logistics capacity and creates new spaces designed for the well-being of the entire team

Naturcharc begins the next campaign by opening its facilities in the nerve center of the family business in Campohermoso, Níjar. In addition to increasing the space into almost 4.000 m2, the new facilities have a functional and interconnected space to enhance the welfare of workers in the company.

The whole family, brothers, parents, children and grandchildren, have met in the new facilities to travel together the new spaces. The new house of Naturcharc offers its workers a place to develop the different tasks and functions in a dynamic and connected way. The new space is divided into two interconnected work zones.

Dining room for staff

On the second floor is the canteen with the dining room, the changing rooms and the reception area. The dining room is equipped with a kitchen, refrigerators, microwave, and toilets, so that workers have everything necessary for lunch.

This second floor consists of an auditorium with a capacity of up to 150 people, as well as the technical, commercial and administrative departments.

As highlighted by the Managing Director of Naturcharc, Manuel Giménez, these works respond to two fundamental objectives: “Offer our staff everything necessary so they can develop their work in a comfortable way, and on the other, respond to the needs of our customers that every time they demand more products from us.”

This expansion responds to the strong growth experienced by the company and the broad demand from national and international markets. The new facilities cover a space of 3,700 square meters in total, which are distributed in different work areas.

International projection

Over the last few years, Naturcharc has not stopped growing in order to reach what it is today, one of the largest organic producers in the area. The company has 80 hectares of land, distributed among outdoor crops, greenhouses, and its ecological composting plant where the integral cycle of agriculture is completed. Everything that comes from the earth returns to earth.

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