Naturcharc during World Water Week

Water is essential for life, and for agriculture. In our land, Almería, knowing that it is a scarce natural resource, we were pioneers in implementing the drip irrigation system to optimize each drop. With this objective, from August 23 to 27, the UN – Water has organized a world summit to continue raising awareness in society about this reality.

This world meeting for the second consecutive year has been held in a digital format. To deal with covid-19, the organizing committee has again decided to avoid the congregation of the public and has opted for the virtual format. In this forum, the latest studies on the water resources of our planet are put on the table again.


As we’ve mentioned before, the sustainable philosophy of Naturcharc’s organic farming model has several decades of history. It all started when the Giménez grandparents, and later, the Giménez parents, like many farming families in our land, transformed their traditional irrigation systems into drip irrigation.

In Almería every drop of water counts. For this reason, at Naturcharc we collect and recycle both rainwater and excess drainage from the soil of our farms, so that every drop of water that can be recycled is recycled.

Our philosophy in the use of water, in addition to being part of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan, is linked to the method of returning to the earth everything that the earth gives us, like feeding our soils with our own compost.

Thanks to our composting plant, all plant by-products have a second life that will serve as natural food for our lands.

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