Naturcharc, committed to recycling and the environment

Recycling is one of the key elements for the sustainability of the planet. It’s a simple task that helps us to not depend so much on the manufacturing of new resources and to reduce waste generated in daily activities in order to take care of the environment. This past May 17th, we celebrated World Recycling Day because at Naturcharc we are very committed to the environment. Today we have managed to reuse all the raw materials that we use in our fields, an achievement that we are very proud of and that is part of our way of understanding work in the field.

Organic farming means much more than producing fruits and vegetables in a 100% natural way. It is also a philosophy of life in which caring for the world around us is one of its key elements. That is why from the beginning of our careers we had the objective of promoting recycling in all phases of production, as a key element to ensure the environmental sustainability of our fields. Our philosophy happens because everything that comes out of the earth returns to the earth.

Our recycling work is concentrated in the treatment of the packaging materials for our fruits and vegetables, but especially in the use of organic compost. We manufacture the organic compost  in our own plant and it allows us to reuse the plant remains from our production. In this way we give a second life to these elements and we also ensure a nutrition model for our crops based on natural and environmentally friendly products.

Production for 100% of our fields

The adventure of producing our own compost has been expanding over the months, until we reached the capacity to fully supply our needs. To produce organic compost we study the needs of each soil to select those nutrients that are most necessary for the development of each type of soil and provide them in the exact amounts they need in each case.

The organic vegetables and fruits that we produce at Naturcharc have a careful production process in which all the elements are taken care of to the maximum level of detail so that the final product has an exceptional quality. That is why we know that it is important to continue advancing and improving the processes we carry out so that only the highest quality products are put on your table.

Thanks to recycling we can contribute to the circular economy, the one in which the cycle is closed and all the elements that can be reused are returned to the production chain to continue fulfilling their function. With this practice we also promote a new economic and social model, more effective and responsible, in which all parties have the obligation to participate. That is why we encourage all our clients and friends to recycle and to do their bit for a better world.

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