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Naturcharc, commitment to the sustainability of natural resources

Water is a crucial asset for agriculture and there are few places that are as aware of the importance of taking care of this liquid gold as we are in Almería. We are aware that crop survival depends on knowing how to take care of this resource and optimizing its use. And all agree that guaranteeing the sustainability of and having respect for an ecosystem of exceptional wealth is of utter importance. That is how we feel about our Natural Park of Cabo de Gata in Almería and why we push ourselves here at Naturcharc to have the highest quality products.

On March 22 we celebrate World Water Day and at our farms we renew our commitment to manage risks more and more efficiently to guarantee a 100% ecological process. Because our work philosophy goes beyond ensuring that our crops are developed in a manner that is respectful of nature, it is also about the whole process being responsible, and therefore water management is our first priority.

This care is achieved, among other elements, thanks to the use of our own organic compost.  Its use helps keep moisture in the soil longer, guaranteeing the levels necessary for a strong development of the plants and, at the same time, minimizing the need to water. Our experts take care of the composition of the compost to optimize its impact on the soil of the farms. It is a development that always continues, looking for new methods to improve results in a way that respects our environment.


In a semi-desert climate, such as that of the eastern end of Almería, also known as el poniente, agricultural research and the improvement of irrigation systems allow our farms to save water. Irrigation times are carefully planned, the real needs of plants are studied and the impact of every decision is measured, always with an eye on an even more efficient process. The use of compost in the early stages of cultivation also contributes to reducing the water needs of the land.

Our compost plant works exclusively with plant residues that are generated in the farm itself. All the non-usable elements receive a specialized treatment to generate the type of compost, by nutrients and characteristics for the soil, that best adapt to each crop. Naturcharc currently has the capacity to supply 100% of the compost needs of its crops.

In our range of organic vegetables and fruits, we give priority to an integral ecological cycle, ranging from the selection of seeds, organic and natural, to the cultivation and harvesting processes. We are committed not only to saving materials, but also to recover, reuse and recycle throughout the entire process.

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