Naturcharc collaborates with BioRestauration Competition, which discloses the importance of organic cuisine

Organic farming is the first step in a chain that begins in our fields but ends at consumer tables. That is why at Naturcharc we have decided to join the activities that are carried out for the BioRestauración Cooking Competition. It is an initiative started by the certifying entity Ecovalia that is set as an objective to value the benefits of organic products in the kitchen as a primary ingredient to achieve tasty, healthy and balanced dishes, with a full quality guarantees.

The recipes also seek to support local production, with local and seasonal products, an effort that is also closely linked to respect for the environment. But it also has a very interesting social aspect since it will promote contact between cooks, ranchers and farmers in the area in which the contestants work, creating a synergy that serves to promote these products. The contest is a great opportunity for the professional promotion of the younger generation.

The contest is open to the participation of chefs residing in Spain. It is not an essential requirement to dedicate yourself professionally to cooking or to be studying in any hospitality school. In the first phase the recipes will be presented in the contest outline found on the BioRestauración website. Later there will be a second phase that will also be online and in which between 14 and 16 contestants will be selected for each Andalusian province. The third phase will be face-to-face, with between 6 and 8 participants from each province. Of these, three will advance to the provincial final. Finally, the winners will go to the Andalusian grand final.

Organic dish

To participate you must send a recipe for an individual organic dish. In the face-to-face phases of the contest, the products contributed by the organization must be used. At least 95% of the products used in the preparation of the dish must be of certified organic origin. The organization will not take into account the superfluous elements, decorative or that do not add any value to the culinary quality of the recipe. The deadline to participate closes on September 25.

In addition to these elements, applicants will have to assess what the use of organic products contributes to the preparation of their dishes. Both photographs and videos showing the preparation of the dish may be attached. The presentation and originality of the recipes will be taken into account for the final score. In the face-to-face phases, other elements will come into play, such as the pairing, texture and flavor of the dishes prepared during the contest.

For Naturcharc it is an honor to be able to take part in an initiative like this, which allows us to publicize the possibilities of organic farming and boost creativity and know-how of our chefs, allies essential to bring to the general public everything that organic vegetables provide. We wish all participants the best of luck.

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