Naturcharc again supports the fusion between gastronomy and organic farming, in the BioRestauración contest

For the second consecutive year, Naturcharc sponsors the BioRestauración cooking contest. This is an initiative that seeks to value ecological cuisine, carried out with local products to achieve tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly dishes. The initiative comes from Ecovalia, a group that promotes the values ​​of organic agriculture.This contest promotes the creativity of work in kitchens as an element that gives final meaning to work that starts in the fields and on the farms.

This year the contest is open to chefs from all over Spain, who will be able to present their recipes online with the requirement that they must comply with the use of the ingredients indicated by the organization. All the details of the contest rules can be found on their website. All types of cooks are welcome to participate in BioRestauracion: professionals, students and foodies. Of course, the recipe must be accompanied by an explanation of what organic products contribute to it and what is the difference that can be noticed on the plate.

Among the aspects that are valued in the contest, originality of the proposal stands out, but a good presentation of the dish and the clarity when explaining the steps necessary for its preparation, as well as its composition and professional preparation will also be taken into account. All this must be reflected in a video of 30 minutes maximum duration. The use of other ecological products will also be rewarded, of course. The jury will be made up of great figures from Andalusian cuisine, with an emphasis on quality and good work in kitchens.

Face-to-face phases

After the first phase, which is exclusively online, others will be held in person in each of the Andalusian provinces. The celebration of these phases will be subject to the epidemiological situation, so the bases include the possibility that they must be held online. In each of the provincial phases, the chefs who will later participate in the grand final of Andalusia will be selected, in which there will be a representative from each of the provinces.

The contest has two categories. One professional that has a prize of 2,200 euros and another for amateurs, with an prize of 1,300 euros. In both cases the award is complemented with a batch of organic products. The provincial winners will receive a prize of 200 euros and there will be gifts for all those who participate in the different face-to-face phases in each province.

Except in the case of the province of Cádiz, where the contest begins this June, in the rest of the provinces the registration phase will end in September, so applicants still have time to think about their recipes. The Andalusian final will take place in Almería and is scheduled to take place later this year. At Naturcharc we are delighted to be able to support the creativity of these chefs. The guarantee of know-how, thanks to their innovation, allows us to find new ways to enjoy our organic products.

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