More than 50% of Naturcharc Farms are Cultivated in Open Air

Respecting nature and understanding its cycles has been in Naturcharc’s DNA since its foundation. Not in vain, all organic farming is based on this notion, on knowing each plant and its peculiarities to give it the best care in a continually natural way. Therefore, because we strive to give each variety the best conditions to develop, open air cultivation is essential for us. They represent the purest form of work in the field. And currently more than half of our land already works this way.

Outdoor farms have many advantages within organic farming, although it is not strictly necessary for a plantation to be open air for it to fall into this category, since this term refers to the care of the crops that relies exclusively on natural means and that respects the development times of the plants and the ripening of the fruits. This can also be done in a greenhouse. A modification that also allows us to have fruit and vegetable production throughout the year.

One of the main advantages of open air farms is that they limit human intervention on the fields. In addition, for many varieties of vegetables, development is best when the plant is in direct contact with air and sunlight. Obviously, in these cases the crops can only excel in their natural season, since they will respond to environmental variations for their growth. For us it is a pride to continue increasing our commitment to this type of farms, since they allow us to continue developing our work philosophy.

Different varieties

Within our catalog of products grown in the open air, the crops that stand out are, bell pepper, padrón pepper, sweet potato, onion, cabbages and hot chilli. These are seasonal products, which also serve to support small farmers and strengthen the local economy. Our farms support the traditional production of these vegetables, adding the know-how of ecological techniques to obtain even better results. And this shows in the quality of the harvests we’ve had over the years.

All these products have constant monitoring to ensure a harvest in the best possible conditions, minimizing the use of resources. All our farms have irrigation control systems that allow us to use only the water that the plants need to grow, helping to take care of the water resources of the area. Using our own compost also helps to maintain the moisture in the soil. This is even more important in open air farms, where atmospheric circumstances can influence the evaporation of irrigation water.

Almería has a privileged, mild climate with a very stable meteorology. This makes it possible for us to increase the work in this type of farms and maintain very high quality standards. Thanks to our commitment to innovation, we can ensure that outdoor crops continue to gain importance in our catalog, as part of this greater commitment to a natural and quality production that we know is our greatest asset.

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