Maintaining Biodiversity, Goal of World Soil Day

With the motto ‘Let’s keep the soil alive, let’s protect soil biodiversity‘, FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, celebrates World Soil Day on December 5. A day to portray the importance of keeping the land in optimal conditions. At Naturcharc we know that organic farming is one of the best ways to take care of this resource so necessary for the environment.  We go as far as to manufacture our own organic compost.

The use of this compost as a means of nutrition for our soils is a commitment made by Naturcharc to improve the quality of the soil on all our farms. An initiative of which we are very proud and that helps us to directly add our care to our soils. That is why we continue to investigate and develop this process to make better use of our resources. We are organic compost pioneers in Andalusia and we continue to lead this field from our facilities in Almería.

The use of 100% natural materials and the recycling of plant remains bring many benefits to the soil. The main one is the recuperation of its wealth, providing minerals that are essential to maintain its fertility. In this way, we manage to close the cycle, giving back to the earth what comes out of it in order to continue growing in a 100% sustainable way. This is a fundamental principle in the circular economy, to achieve a cycle in which each part of the process is connected to the others and in which continuity is guaranteed.

A living ecosystem

Another advantage is ecosystem maintenance, an idea that goes hand in hand with FAO’s goal of keeping soils alive. That is, to respect its balance and favor the presence of microorganisms and small animals that not only do not harm crops, but favor them. A rich living system develops underground that contributes decisively to the maintenance of the richness of the soils. Only with the use of natural products and respectful techniques can the perfect balance be achieved, which ends up favoring all parts of the process.

Among the benefits of soil biodiversity, according to FAO, it stands out that it favors plant growth, but there are also others that go beyond agriculture and that make it a goal with a great global impact, since it also influences the mitigation of climate change and the purification of groundwater.

Precisely in Almería water care is of great importance in which compost plays an important role, since it favors a better use of water resources. Compost absorbs the liquid better and avoids excessive evaporation of the water. In this way, it reduces the cost of irrigation and optimizes the management of the farms. All this allows us to offer a great variety of fruits and vegetables  respectful with natural cycles.

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