Fresh seasonal products that arrive at Naturcharc this September

Summer is synonymous with relaxation for the majority of the population, but at Naturcharc we are already looking forward to the month of September and the new campaign for organic products, which we will start harvesting in the coming weeks. Among them are some that are already a classic of our production such as Bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. All of which are already showing a very good progression.

September marks the start of Bell Pepper production, both in the red and yellow varieties. This product is characterized by its smooth and balanced flavor that provides a very interesting touch to all kinds of culinary preparations and has already made them one of our star products. The organic chili, a new product with which we are very content, will also debut in our catalog. Spicy food lovers will also be able to enjoy padrón peppers.

Those aren’t the only classic products will be harvested in September. We can also enjoy a new batch of zucchini, aubergine, Dutch and Noah cucumber and both round and pear tomatoes. All these products are in our organic catalog and come this year in a spectacular harvest, with great yield thanks to our advanced cultivation techniques.

Enriched soil

Work on our farms is not just limited to new crops. Another aspect in which our team is working is the improvement of the soils in the different fields, using organic compost that we produce in our own plant. We now supply 100 % of our fields with our own organic compost. The fact of having our own production process allows us to better adjust the final product to the needs of our soils.

In this way, each type of crop receives a compost mixture specifically designed to meet the needs of our soils. The commitment to this method is one of our hallmarks and an important part of the way we understand organic farming, as a complete process in which we get the best out of each crop by respecting the teachings of nature.

In this way, soil enrichment not only allows us to take advantage of plant rests, but also to improve the performance of our work. Our philosophy is that everything that comes from the earth returns to the earth. And with organic compost we ensure that the cycle is closed completely. Plant remains have very interesting nutrients to enrich soils and at Naturcharc we are already specialists in their use thanks to our constant commitment to innovation without losing sight of the benefits of organic farming.

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