Europe is confirmed as the main market for Spanish fruits and vegetables

The continent has been found as an exceptional market for Spanish products. It is marked by the demand for quality which leads to an even higher demand of organic and ecological products most commonly produced in Spain. Those we develop here at Naturcharc fit this demand perfectly and earned us the trust of distributors in markets as important as Germany.

The growth of this market, in a global calculation reaches up to 8%, according to the data provided by the Customs Department. Last year 2019 marked a moment of growth by these markets. In fact, the EU is already the destination of 94% of the production of Spanish fruits and vegetables. Depending on quality and 100% organic production, as we do at Naturcharc, makes the difference for such an important market.

Exports have increased both in value and in total tons, showing that the image of our sector abroad remains strong. In Naturcharc we know that this good image is only possible with a clear and determined commitment to quality. A prime example is our own philosophy that transcends production in order to be implemented in all phases of product development, from planting to harvesting and packaging. Reducing the time between the field and the table of our consumers is a guarantee of quality and therefore we strive to work closely with European distributors and partners so that the whole process is carried out in the most efficient way for all parties involved.

Pepper and tomato dominate

Among the Spanish vegetables, the one that has the highest demand in the markets throughout the continent is the pepper, which for the first time has displaced the tomato as the most exported. This marks an interesting change of trend that shows that the products of the Spanish countryside win overall. This is especially true if they come from farms that depend on ecological and organic production.

In our catalog both vegetables have an important presence. We grow different varieties so that the consumer can find what they are looking for. In the case of tomato, in addition to the black plum variety that we’ve just introduced, we also have vine, loose round, rebellion and original plum tomatoes. All of them guarantee flavor and freshness that is a result of the care with which we treat our production.

Similarly, we have the main varieties of organic and ecological peppers. A highlight is the Bell variety. Green, yellow and red alike are characterized by a mild flavor but with a multitude of nuances. We also grow Padrón peppers and Red pointed peppers.

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