Dictionary of organic farming terms

Organic farming is in fashion. The concern for the environment reaches all levels and consumers are increasingly aware of the need to opt for products that respect nature. However, it is not always easy to clarify among all the terms that are commonly used. What is the difference between saying that a product is bio or that it is organic? What does it mean that a crop is ecological or sustainable?

At Naturcharc we are committed to transparency and to our customers, so we offer you this mini dictionary to understand the different philosophies that converge at work in our crops. These terms are ingrained in our commitment to the land as well as our agricultural production .


This refers to products that are totally biologically original. That is, they have not gone through any type of treatment or modification in a laboratory to change their qualities. This term is especially used for crops that are not genetically modified and are therefore obtained in a natural way. Naturcharc products respond to this way of working.


Compost is called the natural food for the soil. It must be manufactured 100% with natural elements. In the case of Naturcharc, our compost is made from the vegetable remains of the crops, in a process that we carry out in our facilities and with which we have recently been able to meet all the needs of our farms.


It is a technique to control plant parasites that involves the release of natural enemies of these animals to keep them away from crops. This avoids the use of insecticides or pesticides and guarantees the safety of plants, which can develop without problems in symbiosis with nature.


It is perhaps the central term of our philosophy. Ecological crops are those that use only totally natural products and techniques, without using any type of artificial element. For a crop to be ecological, like all of the farms we work on, it is necessary to pass a complete inspection and certification to demonstrate that from irrigation water to the soils to fertilizers and plant nutrients, everything complies scrupulously with what is marked in the laws. A seal of ecological farming is a synonym for safety and tranquility for the consumer.


Organic production is one in which no chemicals have been used at any time during production. That our fruits and vegetables are organic means that we use only 100% natural techniques to ensure proper nutrition and that the development of the plant is due exclusively to natural factors.


It is a term that transcends the merely ecological. Sustainability refers to the techniques that allow maintaining an activity over time. It is a philosophy that we also follow here at Naturcharc and that seeks social commitment, making it easier for farmers to live in a dignified way and earn a living by ensuring the parameters to continue doing the same in the future.

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