Cabo de Gata Natural Park: A Unique Environment for Our Farms

Naturcharc’s farms are located in a privileged environment. Parque Natural de Gata-Níjar. It also inspires our commitment to organic farming and our relationship with the environment. Our presence in this space is more than just a matter of circumstance. It is there to remind us of our commitment to nature and the protection of the environment at all times. It is precisely the presence in this protected environment that shapes our relationship with nature.

Cabo de Gata has a large protected territory, which covers not only the coastline including the sea beside it, but a wide strip of land near the coast. Together, they make up a very rich and diverse ecosystem of almost 50,000 hectares. This incredible environment houses a number of exclusive species that have found in this space an ideal place to develop. The importance of the park is so great that it is also recognized as a Biosphere Reserve and as a World Geopark by UNESCO. These recognitions are a source of pride for our province and its people.

Almería society has historically been closely linked to the 50 kilometers of coastline that the park has. In fact, evidence of this human presence can be found throughout the area. Farmhouses, watermills, cisterns and windmills that are now protected as Assets of Cultural Interest and that show the roots of the tradition of respect for the land and adaptation of agriculture to a very peculiar climate. Naturcharc’s arises precisely from this tradition, of respecting the balance of nature.

Three generations

The members of our company come from a tradition of three generations. Since we were little we have learned to appreciate and take care of the natural environment that surrounds us which is a real treasure. The peculiar climate, the composition of the soils and the rich ecosystem of flora and fauna in the southeast of Almería contribute to shaping a natural landscape of which we are an integral part. Taking care of the environment is included when taking care of our farms.

Therefore, the commitment to organic farming was a logical and natural step. At Naturcharc that commitment comes from our own origins and is becoming a growing conviction to continue improving and adapting. We adopt the best traditional cultivation techniques, but we do not forget the technology that allows us to better protect our soils and obtain the best quality in all our crops.

The fruits and vegetables in our catalog benefit from their development in this privileged environment – 100% natural and authentic. A protected space that creates a perfect environment for their maturation, growing in harmony with the surrounding territory. We are very proud to be part of this environment, but also to continue contributing day by day to its conservation and enjoyment, taking care of nature as our ancestors already did.

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