Organic news

Three recipes with seasonal organic vegetables, vegetarian and healthy for this autumn

The Naturcharc family proposes three recipes with organic seasonal vegetables for this autumn that will help you to have a balanced diet and to load up on nutrients.

World Food Day calls for healthy and planet-friendly food choices

The international community celebrates World Food Day on 16 October 2021. A key date also for the Naturcharc family.

The Naturcharc family, at Fruit Attraction 2021

The Naturcharc family will be present at Fruit Attraction 2021, from 5 to 7 October in Madrid. This trade fair is the most important for the agricultural sector.

Naturcharc in the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly commemorates the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV) throughout 2021.

Naturcharc compost, five years of circular economy

The Naturcharc family celebrates an important anniversary in September. In 2021, five years have passed since the start-up of the organic compost plant, which was a great leap in quality for the company's products and a prime example of a circular economy.

Naturcharc starts the campaign with seasonal organic vegetables in the open air and greenhouses

In the usual style of the Naturcharc family, this campaign we have a wide catalog of references of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. Many of them are grown during the 12 months of the year. However, September is a month of new beginnings, and of welcoming the organic fruits and vegetables that begin this campaign....

Naturcharc during World Water Week

Water is essential for life, and for agriculture. In our land, Almería, knowing that it is a scarce natural resource, we were pioneers in implementing the drip irrigation system to optimize each drop. With this objective, from August 23 to 27, the UN – Water has organized a world summit to continue raising awareness in...

Naturcharc maintains prevention measures to face the pandemic

The care of people, prevention and health are very important at Naturcharc. Since the Covid-19 era began, it has forced us all to adopt new measures, and a new way of interacting both in our work environment and in our personal lives. The pandemic is challenging everyone. At Naturcharc we’ve adopted the necessary preventive measures...

How does a Naturcharc watermelon go from a seedling to reaching the homes in half of Europe?

The story of the watermelon has its roots almost in legend. Its cultivation dates from 3,500 years before Christ and is already reflected in the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, where it was cultivated on the banks of the Nile River. Its fame throughout the world began thanks to the Arabs, who spread it throughout the...